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Our Mission

“We deliver cost-effective solutions to nonprofit organizations through a unique recipe of advanced Internet technologies, integrated financial services, and expert back-office operations.”  

Full Website Solution

The GiftingNet website solution connects your donors directly to the nonprofits they support, including Grant, Scholarship & complete DAF workflow.

Daily Fund and Pool Valuations

No more spreadsheets and days or weeks of effort to get statements out, they are ready anytime.

Charitable Catalog

Funders connect directly to the nonprofits program they care about, a showcase for projects that matter.



Connects the GiftingNet instances of each nonprofit organization to their donors via the donor’s financial service provider.

Back Office Practices

Valuing, confirming, posting and receipt of gifts; ACH and credit card processing, grant operations, more.


Cost Effective

Lower the cost of operations of your nonprofit, community foundation, or private foundation.


Face the world with GiftingNet.
Seamless integration with GiftingNetwork.
Get more done with Philanthropic Back Office.

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Our Products



Attract donors to your website and keep them informed and involved by providing useful tools and dynamic information.



 GiftingNetwork provides a complete solution for both non-profits and donors to manage their charitable giving.



PBO provides a full outsource, back-office solution for non-profit organizations.


a demo is worth a thousand words

Contact us for a no-obligation, online demonstration of any of our products.

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