GAITHERSBURG, Md., Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GreenHill today announced that the Jewish Community Foundation (JCF) of San Diego has selected its investment performance reporting services to provide enhanced transparency and insight to the foundation’s donor network. GreenHill’s offering, together with its strategic partnership with the GiftingNetwork, represents a best-in-class level of reporting transparency and detail that offers JCF donors enhanced visibility into account activity, fee transparency, and investment performance measurement.
JCF combines donor-driven philanthropy, investing and education for maximum benefit in the community. Pursuing these goals, the organization seeks to keep donors updated at all times on all gifting and investment detail. GreenHill Investment Performance Reporting will help JCF in their mission to provide full oversight to their donors. “Through our integration partnership with the GiftingNetwork’s donor-advised fund platform, we are pleased to be able to provide the Jewish Community Foundation with the first-class performance reporting tools and solutions their donors have come to expect,” said Bill McFadden, President of GreenHill. “We applaud and support their mission to leverage donor-driven philanthropy, investing, and education to enable individuals and organizations to effectively dedicate their resources for maximum benefit in the community.” “Communication and clarity are important to our donors,” said Jeremy Pearl, J.D., LL.M., Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. JCF Eli Landau, Director of Finance, added “granting, gifting history, and investment performance are among the top details our donors seek when they access JCF Connect. They expect transparency to administrative items like fees, especially if fees have been bundled in the past. GreenHill enables us to deliver our donors timely investment information, including performance measurement, that correlates
directly to their fund and cash flows.”

In September of 2021, GreenHill and the GiftingNetwork announced a strategic partnership to bring integrated investment performance reporting to participating nonprofit organizations, blending GreenHill’s personalized investment analysis, reporting and monitoring services with the GiftingNetwork’s donor advised SaaS platform to provide nonprofits tracking and reporting solutions catered to their needs.
“GreenHill is a welcome value add we can present to our donors and many community partners who entrust us with their funds. JCF views itself as a leader in the community foundation space and has earned a degree of trust in its selection of partners. We have a reputation in the community for being very conservative and very mindful of excellence in governance. When we put a partner’s label on something and we select a partner for an important need, there’s a high bar and an expectation that there is a gold seal of approval. We are confident that GreenHill represents that high standard for the benefit of our donors and of our organization,” added Pearl.
About Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego Jewish Community Foundation San Diego builds flourishing Jewish communities and advances sustainable, just, and vibrant societies in San Diego, Israel, nationally, and around the globe. Founded in 1967, the Jewish Community Foundation is the oldest community foundation in the
region. The Jewish Community Foundation collaborates with individuals and organizations and leverages philanthropic capital for positive impact. Guided by Jewish values, the Jewish Community Foundation combines donor-driven philanthropy, investing, and education with trusted, personalized service, enabling individuals and organizations to effectively dedicate their resources for maximum benefit in the community.  To learn more, please visit
About GreenHill Investment Reporting
GreenHill started in 1991 by bringing investment performance reporting to the wealth
management industry. Over the last 30 years, GreenHill leveraged its extensive investment consulting experience to deliver personalized investment analysis, reporting and monitoring services designed to keep pace with the changing needs of the industry. As an independent provider, GreenHill services a breadth of clients across channels – bank and independent trust companies, RIA, not-for-profit, family offices, law firms and endowments. To learn more, please visit
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