GiftingNet is a complete solution for community foundations, DAF sponsors, & grantmakers

Donor Engagement

Attract donors to your website, and keep them informed and involved by providing useful tools and dynamic information

  • Host an illustrated catalogue of charitable opportunities for Fund Advisors and first-time donors.
  • Automate the publication of articles and funding opportunities to the donor homepage, targeted to the donor’s personal philanthropic interests.
  • Automate donor guidance: Spotlight your funds, special projects, or external charities.
  • Publish dynamic, real-time fund statements, gift, and grant history for Donor Advisors.
  • Enable online grant recommendations and credit card gifts.

OLGA - Online Grant Administration

Manage your competitive grants and scholarships online with enhanced notifications, alerts, and work-flow management tools

  • Easily create and manage online letters of intent and full applications
  • Delegate administration of agency representatives to a primary contact
  • Distribute and collect online evaluation forms from grant reviewers
  • Monitor grant making impact with online progress reports

Create a philanthropic resource where funders can discover and connect.

GiftingNet Charitable Catalog

The GiftingNet Charitable Catalog is a hallmark of the GiftingNetwork. Fund seekers maintain their own funding needs in the Catalog, presenting current projects to philanthropists. Donors can then browse the Catalog to discover and select charitable options, with the same ease as making online purchases. The transparency, granularity, and accountability built into the platform allow donors to self-select projects that meet their own philanthropic interests and objectives.

  • Create a philanthropic resource where funders can discover and connect with fund seekers.
  • Empower your donors to discover the funding opportunity that precisely satisfies their charitable interests. Since specific projects can be profiled as well as organizations, donors can target their philanthropy.
  • Establish your website as a primary source for philanthropic opportunities.
  • Give internal and external fund seekers a marketplace to showcase their charitable programs to fund holders and new donors.

Content Management

The GiftingNetwork hosts your GiftingNet instance-providing reliability, performance, security, and nightly backups of your valuable data.

  • Easily manage site content, including new pages, text, and graphics yourself, no html programming required.
  • Push timely illustrated articles and funding opportunities to the appropriate web pages for the foundation, affiliates, and donors.
  • A content calendar organizes article rotation—so content is always fresh and appealing.


Ease of deployment and upgrade Low administrative overhead Anytime/anywhere accessibility via a browser Low total cost of ownership

GiftingNet is a Complete
Web Publishing System.


The Benefits

GiftingNet is an Internet-based, Software-as-a-Service application that provides

Grant & Scholarship Applications
Grant Reviews
Progress Reports
Donor Statements
Donor Grant Recommendations
Targeted e-Marketing Capabilities
Web Hosting and Advanced Content Management

GiftingNet is used by both Donors & Grantees

It is the front-end “node” for each organization, and it contains an unlimited number of institutional profiles and specific project requests.

Complete List of Features Here

Works well with others

The Catalog facilitates a search function for philanthropic giving at each site. Indeed, we believe that the Charitable Catalog is the transformative application that operating charities need to transform their existing DAF programs or to launch a new DAF program.

Once installed, the Catalog is designed to take on a life of its own as organizations enter data, publish their needs, and interact with their donor community.