A crossroad between financial services & the non-profit world.

Who We Are

GiftingNetwork engages the complexities of American philanthropy with the hands-on understanding of current practices and a clear vision of the trends that are defining the future of giving.

Our business expertise spans the world of nonprofit organization, financial service providers, and their service to the high net worth market. We see donor empowerment, increased transparency, and accountability in the charitable process as inexorable trends, and we offer strategies and tools to help non-profits and FSPs thrive in the changing environment.

We believe in the leadership role of public charities. This leadership will depend on the efficiency with which they acquire, aggregate, and share program knowledge with grant decision markers, whether they are administrators, distribution committees, or donor-advisors.

  • Internet Technology
  • Philanthropic Expertise
  • Custodial Services
  • Financial Products
  • Back Office Operations

The Team

Eric Swerdlin C.E.O giftingnetwork

Eric Swerdlin is Chief Executive Officer of the GiftingNetwork, LLC, in Morristown, New Jersey. Previously, Eric founded and was CEO of Swerdlin White Huber, Inc, (SWH) a firm dedicated to investment management, administration, and program support for planned giving programs at non-profit organizations throughout the country. In 1999 SWH was sold to the Bank of New York, where Eric remained and was the Division Head for three years. An accomplished speaker and author, Eric has spoken at numerous planned giving councils, the NCPG Annual Conference, and the ACGA Conference. He has written articles for, among others, the Journal of Taxation, the Journal of Gift Planning, and Planned Giving Today.

Eric has appeared on CNN, Fox News Network, and Bloomberg Television discussing philanthropic strategies and planned giving.

In addition, Eric has been quoted on topics relating to charitable giving in The Wall Street Journal, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Forbes, and many other print publications.