A networked solution for donors and their advisers & non-profits and their custodians


  • GN is used in real-time online by both donors and non-profits.
  • GN provides donor engagement and development workflow, grant and scholarship applications, grant reviews, progress reports, donor statements, donor grant suggestions, surveys, targeted e-marketing capabilities, web hosting, and advanced content management.
  • GN is the donor’s front-end experience for each organization and can contain an unlimited number of institutional profiles and specific project and funding requests.
  • GN offers technology solutions that automate donor/grant making, and administrative processes for both donor advised funds (DAFs) and donor directed contributions.
  • Lastly, GN provides a transformative application -- the Charitable Catalog to facilitate communication and the showcasing of funding needs based on donor specific intent which will transform operating charities’ programs

Forms-based work flow management makes transaction processing easy.

GiftingNet Web Portal

The GN-hosted, non-profit organization branded web portal is the philanthropic front-office for all program participants. Form-based, work flow management makes transaction processing easy. Advancement staff uses the portal to set up new donor advised funds.


  • Make earmarked gifts via the portal
  • Donor-advisors view their fund balance
  • Suggest grant disbursements
  • Recommend investment changes
  • Discover funding opportunities in the Charitable Catalog, a searchable, illustrated database of vetted funding opportunities
  • Empower your donors to discover the funding opportunity that precisely satisfies their charitable interests. Since specific projects can be profiled, as well as organizations, donors can target their philanthropy.

Charitable Catalog items are maintained by the fund seekers themselves, insuring accuracy and freshness, with the NPO staff serving as the gatekeeper and optionally spotlighting preferred funding needs.


Donor relations staff automates charitable guidance by selecting preferred funding needs that are spotlighted for donors based on philanthropic interests and giving history.

Fund Seekers

(Internal Programs or External Orgnizations)

  • Promote their work in the Charitable Catalog to attract donors and donor-advisors
  • Submit online applications for discretionary grants
  • Submit progress reports describing program accomplishments

Students submit online applications to scholarship programs.

Distribution Committees perform grant or scholarship application reviews online, and submit form-based evaluations.

Staff administrators respond to automatic notifications to approve grant recommendations and investment changes.

GiftingNetwork Philanthropic Back Office

Participating non-profit organizations outsource some or all program administration to the GN PBO.

The service bureau performs all essential back-office tasks:

  • Record keeping for gifts, security sales, grants, payments, investments, and fees
  • Participant notifications and reporting
  • Gift acknowledgement and annual donor IRS summary
  • Grant processing and payments
  • Fund statements and portal maintenance

NPO staff is freed to concentrate on core competencies:

Donor relations and program expertise


  • Cost effective
  • Insures seamless, accurate, and timely investment reporting without expensive data aggregation fees
  • Daily pool and fund net asset values (NAVs) struck
  • Dynamic fund statements
Assets at Other Custodians
  • Dashboard of assets held at other asset managers
  • Compliance and stewardship monitoring daily

Donor advised funds are the fastest growing gift vehicle in philanthropy.


The Benefits

GiftingNetwork provides major benefits to all stakeholders:

  1. GN gives donors the freedom and convenience they require.
  2. GN lifts the administrative burden off the shoulders of the non-profit organizations and financial service providers.
  3. The GiftingNetwork architecture, along with the PBO business process, standardizes, and centralizes critical procedures.
  4. GN is an outsourced solution for donor-directed philanthropy that increases DAF revenue through:
  • A dedicated service bureau to perform back-office tasks.
  • A choice of investment solutions.
  • A web-based front office for all participants.
  • Financial product administration via a primary custodial agent.
  • A decoupling of the investment product from the related administration to reduce complexity.
  • Accounting, cashiering, notifications, and statements via a networked system of web portals.
  • Outsourced administration virtually eliminates the need for in-house DAF administration.
  • Lower barriers so that mid- and small-sized non-profit organization can launch their own DAF programs.